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"Rockers" will play in Osaka, Japan.
The date and time are October 7th and 8th.
Do not miss that "Rockers" that was also acclaimed by foreigners at the eve of "Fuji Rock 2018".

Attention. Please understand exactly.
Special BAND's name is "Ride Rockers",
The members are explained below.

First, two from "The Rockers", drummer Shouichi Funakoshi and guitarist Hideaki Sumi.
Another guitarist is Junji Shivata who has appeared in the band "MMS" at Buffalo Chip Sturgis Concerts.
Vocal is Masumi Kuroda who experienced musical "Mr. SLIM COMPANY" and "THE BLACK 50".
And Naoki Matsuhira of former "Rudie Midnight Runners" with energy of "Fire Country KUMAMOTO" famous for "Kumamon"
And, Rock'n Roller who is rolling in Osaka, Sheena of "C'mons".
And Rewhey, the youngest brother of the bassist Anai of that "Rockers", inscribes the bass beat with "Boom Boom".

"Seven Samurai of ROCK" who loves motorcycle and rock and roll,
With a furious Beat, it delivers the highest hot rock 'n roll.

People living around Osaka or visiting sightseeing should not miss it.

10/7 is a special stage of "VIBES MEETING" event of fellows who love "Harley - Davidson".
For details, please refer to "".

10/8 is Osaka City's Live space "Vi-code".
For details, please refer to "".



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"Rockers" will play in Osaka, 10/7,10/8, Sumiの独り言/BIGLOBEウェブリブログ
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